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Latest Ascension release : v1.4.24 on
Mon Nov 30 23:04:40 CST 2009

Latest Solaufein release : v104 on
Sat Aug 15 23:07:51 CDT 2009 (what's new?)

Latest Valen release : v45 on
Thu May 12 08:09:27 CEST 2005

Latest Ease-Of-Use release : v33 on
Mon Aug 4 11:40:18 CDT 2008

Latest Item Upgrade release : v40 on
Wed Jul 31 15:25:16 CDT 2013

Latest Tactics Mod release : v25 on
Sat Aug 15 23:07:51 CDT 2009

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Latest Underrepresented Items release : v6 on
Sat Aug 15 23:07:51 CDT 2009

Latest Spell-50 release : v6 on
Tue May 6 13:01:58 PDT 2003
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"I do what I must, when I must. Know this well." -- Solaufein of Ust Natha
The Solaufein Romance Mod adds a new joinable NPC to BGII. Want more information? Check out the Solaufein Mod documentation.
Still undecided? Check out these comments by happy users of the Solaufein mod.
Here is a cogent article on BG2 romances that includes a discussion of Solaufein and Kelsey. I encourage you to check it out.
There is a Solaufien mod for Neverwinter Nights as well, written by Celes. It includes much of Solaufein's dialogue as well as some new adventures. I encourage you to check it out.

->Installing The Mod

"I have been thinking much on morality of late." -- Solaufein of Ust Natha
Installation checklist and instructions:
  1. Foreign language directions are also available: German. Portuguese. Russian. Spanish. Polish.
  2. You will not need to start a new game to take advantage of any part of the Sola mod.
  3. The Sola Mod requires SoA and works with (or without) ToB.
  4. Curious about the proper mod and patch installation order? Check out this thread summarizing things.
  5. You should install the official Bioware patch right after SoA or ToB.
  6. Your first mod after the official Bioware patch should be some form of Baldurdash. I have mirrored the official Baldurdash SoA FixPack v3.61 and ToB FixPack v1.12 here.
  7. Have a Mac? Check out these instructions.
  8. The Sola Mod works with (or without) The Darkest Day - ToB Compatible Version. Install TDD-ToB first if you want to use it.
  9. Users have reported conflicts between The Sola Mod and The Reign of Virtue mod. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Make a backup first if you want to try them together.
  10. The Sola Mod works with (or without) the standard Ascension Mod. Ascension requires ToB. Install standard Ascension first if you want it. Sola also works with Ascension/WeiDU (which may be installed in any order).
  11. The Sola Mod works with (or without) Nalia's Romance. Some people have reported that having Nalia and Sola installed will cause the game to crash when Archryssa appears, so be wary. Install Nalia's Romance first if you want it. Nalia's romance does not work with Ascension.
  12. The Sola mod works with the Freedom's Reign MiniMod. Install FR first if you want it.
  13. The Sola Mod works with (or without) all other WeiDU mods.
  14. The Sola Mod probably does not work with the Torgan Mod. It should work with just about everything else.
  15. The Sola Mod does not require IEEP or any other TeamBG utilities.
  16. The Sola Mod installs correctly for international players that have DIALOG.TLK and DIALOGF.TLK. Currently quite a few translations are available.
  17. You may install a new Sola Mod over an older Sola Mod without hurting your saved game. If you have an old version of the Sola Mod, try uninstalling it first.
  18. Just to reiterate, you may "upgrade" to a newer version of the Solaufein Mod in the middle of your current game. It won't hurt anything. We recommend it.
  19. Click here to view the Mod README file.
  20. Download the Sola Mod (version v103, size is 990K)
  21. The EXE file above is a WinRAR self-extracting archive. Run it, and in the Install to field put your BGII directory. That is normally: If you do not like self-extracting EXEs, you can get a normal RAR version.
  22. Close ShadowKeeper, Near Infinity, Infinity Explorer and Baldur's Gate II.
  23. Run the newly-extracted Setup-Solaufein.EXE program that you will now find in your BGII directory. Choose your language and then choose which components to install. You may uninstall any or all of them later.
  24. If you see a message like: ERROR: Sys_error("dialog.tlk: Permission Denied") then you forgot to close ShadowKeeper, Ni, IE or BG2. Go back two steps and try again. :-)
  25. The README has more information, but the quickstart is that you can find Solaufein just north-west of Elhan after the Underdark (assuming you did all of Sola's Ust Natha quests) or you can have the Fate Spirit summon him in ToB.
  26. If you would like to use a different portrait for Solaufein, you may now install one.
  27. You may run Setup-Solaufein.EXE again to uninstall any component that you have already installed.

-> Discussion Board

"The more we talk the more I feel like I understand you." -- Solaufein of Ust Natha
A Solaufein Mod discussion board is available. Board topics include installation questions, the dialogue utilities, new and ongoing translations and just general commentary.

-> WeiDU: Dialogue Compiler (and more)

"Huh. Unix geek wrote his own tool, imagine that." -- Jason Compton
WeiDU, a dialogue compiler, string patcher, script and text file extender for Infinity Engine games is available (source code and all) under the GPL. I used it to create the Solaufein mod, it has also been used in all other WeiDU mods (surprise!). Reports indicate that it is quite useful for serious mod and translation efforts.

Still undecided? Check out these comments by happy users of WeiDU.

-> Links

"I hope that our journeys will always be filled with such wonders." -- Solaufein of Ust Natha
Our Gracious Host: Patches and tools: A listing of all known WeiDU Mods is avilable here. Other sites are better resources for Non-WeiDU mods.
"Who are you and what have you done with Solaufein?"
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