Latest Ascension release : v1.4.24
Mon Nov 30 23:04:40 CST 2009

->The Mod

"I was going to resurrect them anyway, to serve as my conquering avatars. And I prefer them far better this way ... completely servile, obeying every order without question." -- Amelyssan the Blackhearted
The Ascension mod changes the end of the Throne of Bhaal expansion to feature extended roleplaying and tactical opportunities. It was written by David Gaider and members of the IEEAIS group. Contents:

Want more information? Check out the Ascension/WeiDU documentation.

Want to talk about Ascension/WeiDU with others, report a bug or offer a suggestion? Check out our Ascension/WeiDU Message Board.

->Installing The Mod

"The final pool has been stilled. The light of the energy column has begun to ebb. You have only moments to prepare for what is surely the final confrontation..." -- the Ascension
Installation checklist and instructions:
  1. You will not need to start a new game to take advantage of any part of the Ascension Mod. However, it works best if you have not already confronted Balthazar for the second time in Amkethran. Also, I recommend that you try it at least once with Sarevok and Imoen in your party.
  2. The Ascension Mod requires BGII and the Throne of Bhaal expansion.
  3. Do not install Ascension/WeiDU if you have any version of the normal (not WeiDU) Ascension mod already installed. However, you may install Ascension/WeiDU if you had any number of Gaider's "improved Foo" patches installed, as long as you didn't have Ascension itself installed.
  4. Do not bother installing the "Improved Bhaalpowers" Patch. Ascension/WeiDU already includes all of that content.
  5. Ascension/WeiDU works with (or without) The Darkest Day - ToB Compat Version. Install TDD-ToB first if you want to use it.
  6. The Ascension/WeiDU Mod works with (or without) all other WeiDU mods. See the Solaufein installation instructions for details (and Mac installation details).
  7. The Ascension/WeiDU Mod does not require IEEP or any other TeamBG utilities and it will not replace your existing DIALOG.TLK.
  8. Click here to view the Mod README file.
  9. Download the Ascension/WeiDU Mod (version v1.4.24, size is 1498K)
  10. Extract the EXE file into your BGII directory. That is normally: If you do not like self-extracting EXEs, you can get a normal RAR version.
  11. Run the included Setup-Ascension.EXE program. Choose your language and then choose which components to install. You may uninstall any or all of them later.
  12. Now that you have Ascension, you can add Turnabout as well. Turnabout is an addition to Ascension that includes the ability to recall and interact with several fallen allies.
  13. Now that you have Ascension, you should go get Redemption as well. Redemption is an addition to Ascension that includes more story elements revolving around the redemption of Joneleth Irenicus.
  14. Wondering why there is no Tougher Sendai? Check out the Oversight Mod.
  15. You may run Setup-Ascension.EXE again to uninstall any component that you have already installed. For example, you might try out the harder battles and then uninstall them later if you do not like them.

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