Spell-50 Mod

Latest Spell-50 release : v6
Tue May 6 13:01:58 PDT 2003
(changes since last version are
at the end of the README)

->The Mod

"Maybe we can get Westley to put some warning signs for the faint of heart on his posts when he is advertising mods this extreme? I'm certain some poor gamers fainted on their keyboards." -- Mike Hall
The Spell-50 mod extends a number of priest, druid and mage spell effects to level fifty. Spells cast by friends and enemies alike are modified. Basically, it's a mod for players who would like to see phenominal cosmic spellcasting at higher levels. Contents: Blatant Warning: This mod will change the balance of power in the game in favor of spellcasters. Both your high-level spellcasters and opposing high-level spellcasters (e.g., liches, ToB enemies) will gain a major boost. You should seriously consider whether you want to face a 25d8 Horrid Wilting and whether you will have fun in a game where you can launch a 25d8 Horrid Wilting before you install this.

Want more information (like a spell list)? Check out the Spell-50 documentation.

->Installing The Mod

"Hoo boy. This is going to seriously shift the balance of power." -- Talen
Installation checklist and instructions:
  1. You will not need to start a new game to take advantage of the Spell-50 Mod.
  2. The Spell-50 mod (probably!) works with (and definitley works without) The Darkest Day - ToB Compat Version. Install TDD-ToB first if you want to use it.
  3. The Spell-50 mod works with (or without) all other WeiDU mods. See the Solaufein installation instructions for details (and Mac installation instructions).
  4. The Spell-50 Mod does not require IEEP or any other TeamBG utilities and it will not replace your existing DIALOG.TLK.
  5. Click here to view the Mod README file.
  6. Click here to Download the Spell-50 Mod (version v6, size is 367K)
  7. The EXE file above is a WinRAR self-extracting archive. Run it, and in the Install to field put your BGII directory. That is normally: If you do not like self-extracting EXEs, you can get a normal RAR version.
  8. Run the included Setup-Spell50.EXE program. Choose your language and then choose which components to install. You may uninstall any or all of them later.
  9. You may run Setup-Spell50.EXE again to uninstall any component that you have already installed. For example, you might try out the harder battles and then uninstall them later if you do not like them.

Comments on the Spell-50 Mod:

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