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Latest Valen release : v45
Thu May 12 08:09:27 CEST 2005
(changes since last version are
at the end of the README)

->The Mod

"I serve my mistress ... and no other." -- Valen
The Valen NPC mod is something that I whipped up because I wanted a brief break from Solaufein. There's no tedious moralizing here! :-) Basically, it's a mod pack for evil players. Contents: Want more information? Check out the Valen documentation.

Want to talk about Valen with others, report a bug or offer a suggestion? Check out our Valen Message Board.

->Installing The Mod

"Bear in mind that I do have strong ... instincts. I will obey your orders, yes, but left to my own devices I will not hesitate to attack your foes or prepare for such an attack." -- Valen
Installation checklist and instructions:
  1. You will probably need to start a new game to take advantage of any part of the Valen Mod. Valen will only join you in Chapter 2.
  2. The Valen Mod requires BGII and the Throne of Bhaal expansion. (It "works" if you don't have ToB -- install the mod and then remove the file VALENMST.SPL from your override folder ... but I do not support that. Don't send me any sort of mail about Valen+SoA).
  3. Czech players may wish to download the add-on Czech translation. Unzip Valen first, then unzip this translation to your BG2 directory, then install the mod as normal.
  4. The Valen Mod works with (or without) The Darkest Day - ToB Compat Version. Install TDD-ToB first if you want to use it.
  5. The Valen Mod works with (or without) all other WeiDU mods. See the Solaufein installation instructions for details (and Mac installation instructions).
  6. The Valen Mod does not require IEEP or any other TeamBG utilities and it will not replace your existing DIALOG.TLK.
  7. Click here to view the Mod README file.
  8. Download the Valen Mod (version v45, size is 516K)
  9. The EXE file above is a WinRAR self-extracting archive. Run it, and in the Install to field put your BGII directory. That is normally: If you do not like self-extracting EXEs, you can get a normal RAR version.
  10. Run the newly-extracted Setup-Valen.EXE program that you will now find in your BGII directory. Choose your language and then choose which components to install. You may uninstall any or all of them later.
  11. You may run Setup-Valen.EXE again to uninstall any component that you have already installed. For example, you might try out the harder battles and then uninstall them later if you do not like them.
  12. If you would like to use a different portrait for Valen, you may now install one.

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