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From: J. Bruce Cook
Installing WeiDU mods on a Mac, using Virtual PC. There will be other ways to achieve this, but this is the way I got it to work:

You need to set up a shared directory containing the BGII game between Mac and PC, which in VPC4 is done in the "Settings" panel from the "PC List". I used the one I keep BG games in, but you could use the BGII-SoA folder (just seems a bit inelegant to me). This directory will then be available as the drive letter of your choice on the PC. The game install tested and working was a full Mac installation - I don't know whether a full /recommended /minimum makes any difference (but the game is a darn sight faster anyway with a full install).

Now from the PC side of things, you then follow the main PC installation instructions (ie, extract mod files into your main BGII directory, etc.). Running the Setup file will probably take quite some time, but as long as it seems to be doing something, you'll be OK. (It will tell you if it's not happy.)

Swap back to Mac mode, and you're there. Start BGII and enjoy the mod.

Note: Jeanne Burch has reported problems with the "Additional Tactical Encounters" portion of the Solaufein Mod when installed using VPC and played on a Mac.

Solution: uninstall the "Additional Tactical Encounters" component of the Sola mod if you have any problems.

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