Ease-Of-Use Mod Collection

Latest Ease-Of-Use release : v33
Mon Aug 4 11:40:18 CDT 2008
(changes since last version are
at the end of the README)

->The Mod

"You must gather your party before venturing forth." -- Baldur's Gate II
Update: The contents of Ease-Of-Use have been updated and incorporated into the BG2 Tweak Pack, which is likely to be more actively supported than Ease-Of-Use.
Go away! Stop using this mod! Really! Use G3 Tweaks!

The Ease-Of-Use mod is collection of useful modlets and minor changes that make playing BGII more bearable. Many of them were not written by me: I am merely packaging them up here.

This mod pack works for BG2 (SoA and or ToB) only. If you are looking for something for BG1, try here instead.

Note: Some people regard many of these changes (especially those that change game rules like grand-mastery or level tables) as cheats. All of the components are optional and may be installed separately. Use your own discretion. When you run the install utility you will be prompted to confirm the installation of each feature individually.

Want more information? Check out the Ease-Of-Use documentation.

Want to talk about this mod with others, report a bug or offer a suggestion? Check out our Weimer Mods Message Board.

->Installing The Mod

Installation checklist and instructions:
  1. The Ease-of-Use Mod works with (or without) The Darkest Day - ToB Compat Version. Install TDD-ToB first if you want to use it.
  2. The Ease-of-Use Mod works with (or without) all other WeiDU mods. See the Solaufein installation instructions for details (and Mac installation instructions). Install Ease-of-Use first.
  3. The Ease-Of-Use Mod does not require IEEP or any other TeamBG utilities and it will not replace your existing DIALOG.TLK.
  4. If you already have some of these installed from other sources (e.g., Baldurdash) you may overwrite them with the Ease-Of-Use components without any harm.
  5. Click here to view the Mod README file.
  6. Download the Ease-of-Use Mod Collection (version v33, size is 567K)
  7. Extracting the EXE file into your BGII directory. That is normally: If you do not like self-extracting EXEs, you can get a normal RAR version.
  8. Run the included Setup-Ease.EXE program. Choose your language and then choose which components to install. You may uninstall any or all of them later.
  9. You may run Setup-Ease.EXE again to uninstall any component that you have already installed. For example, you might try out the harder battles and then uninstall them later if you do not like them.

Comments on the Ease-Of-Use Mod Collection:

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