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This listing is out of date and is not updated!

Go to the Pocket Plane Group Infinity Engine Modlist (http://www.pocketplane.net/modlist/) instead!

This table lists almost all of the WeiDU mods known to Weimer as of the date listed above. In general, they should all work together. Install the "general fixes"-type ones first (e.g., Ease-of-Use, Baldrudash Remix). After that, install and upgrade them in any order.

Mods that I (Westley Weimer) have personally written and that you can get to from https://weidu.org are not described. Go to those pages to check them out.

For more information on any partricular mod, follow the link.

After The End Set after the Throne of Bhaal when the PC turns down the chance for godhood. It adds new areas such as the famed North and Waterdeep, Shadowdale, Thay, and countless others. Also new NPCs, additional monsters, spells, classes and many others.
Ascension/WeiDU (hosted locally - click on name for description)
Ashes of Embers Ashes of Embers is a collection of the following features:
  • Universal weapons for all classes
  • 7 added kits
  • Human multi-classes (in addition to dual-classing)
  • Added Armour; Scale, Banded, and Field Plate
  • Two tweaked spells; Ironskin and Stoneskin
  • A Wizard Slayer enhancement
  • New items, seamlessly integrated in shops and in the hands of your enemies
Azengaard Tactical Encounter (mirror) This pack basically contains two new tactical encounters for the Shadows of Amn part of the game but it REQUIRES you to have Throne of Bhaal installed. Included are the following:
  • Azengaard Tactical Encounter

    belonging to a mysterious faction known as the Time Guardians, Azengaard has a challenge for th child of Bhaal... one that he or she might not survive

  • Improved Trademeet Crypt Encounter

    this adventure always seemed to lack enough of a challenge; as with the reason behind the conception of the Improved Ilyich MOD "to make Chateau Irenicus more interesting for we experienced players...", this should make the Trademeet Crypt Encounter more interesting instead of squaring off with a bunch of pathetic monsters who protect the artifact level Alibakkar-Lurraxol amulet

BG1Tutu Converter BG1Tutu is a project which automatically converts the resources in a Baldur's Gate, or Baldur's Gate + TotSC install to the BGII engine.
  • Most BG2 features, including higher display resolutions, become available for your BG1 game.
  • Play BG1 with BG2 classes and kits.
  • The converter runs automatically, and is smaller than a 1 megabyte download.
  • A compact, faithful conversion providing a port true to the original BG1 game.
  • Improved pathfinding and object highlighting (with TOB)
  • Full support for mage familiars
BG1Tutu Fixpack This project attempts to apply bugfixes and playability patches to the BG1Tutu converter.
  • XP fixes
  • Dialogue fixes
  • Cutscene fixes
  • Bhaalspawn abilities display correctly
  • Faldorn and Tiax's summoning spells work correctly
  • And more...
Banter Packs The Pocket Plane Group (PPG) Banter Packs add dozens of new dialogues to Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal.
  • New conversations between all 17 Bioware NPCs.
  • Topics both light-hearted and deadly serious.
  • New Jan Jansen inventions.
  • Unconventional conversations with Lilarcor, the talking sword.
Chloe BG2 Romance Chloe is a female Yr'kai Kensai demi-god npc, available for SoA and soon to be ToB featuring:
  • Friendship with any PC character, lesbian romance available to female PCs of human, elf, or half elf race.
  • Chloe will romance Imoen if PC is either uninterested or uninteresting to Chloe.
  • How you choose to romance Chloe in SoA will affect the romance in ToB. Also, how friendly Chloe and the PC feel towards each other will influence whether Chloe even pursues the PC!
  • Dozens of new banters with Bioware NPCs, at the least 2 for each npc.
  • Chloe has a comment about just about every quest, whether you're interested in her opinion or not.
  • Several original quests and more planned in ToB portion.
  • Custom soundset and voicing by Wynne.
Chloe is a seasoned mercenary of some fame, and a highly skilled warrior. She's aggressive, self-serving, and sometimes downright cruel. But behind her cold exterior beats the heart of a passionate and caring person, with internal conflicts from her culture, experience, heart, and even her divine blood itself. Give Chloe a chance and discover how complex and enjoyable she can be!
Dungeon-be-Gone Skip Chateau Irenicus, courtesy of Blue and Jasper St. Baird. Have you played the dungeon so many times you could run it in your sleep? Tired of trudging through Chateau Irenicus yet again? If so then this mod is for you! So what is Dungeon-Be-Gone?:
  • A shortcut through Irenicus' Dungeon. Merely talk to the guide that appears shortly after your character is released, and you'll have several options.
  • You also get a hopefully entertaining NPC guide to take you through, and he even has voicing. (Why? Because we can.)
Take Note:
  • This MOD is rather silly, and also skips all the story elements and such just to get you to the end faster. This is aimed for those who have played the game so many times that Irenicus' dungeon has become more painful than a root canal, and less interesting than a Valygar coffee mug. If silliness and/or 'cheating' offends you, then looks like you'll just be wresting long bows from goblins for a while.
Ease-of-Use (hosted locally - click on name for description)
Elven Charm/Sleep resistance fix This mod restores the missing racial features of Elves,Half-Elves and Half-Orcs.
  • Elven characters gain 90% resistance to all sleep and charm related spells
  • Half-Elven characters gain 30% resistance to all sleep and charm related spells
  • Half-Orcs gain Infravision
Enhanced Bard Stronghold Education, Entertainment or Interactive? It's your choice. Romeo and Juliet.
Epic Endeavours/WeiDU Epic Endeavours/WeiDu v1.0.0 comes in at 23.9MB.

If you wanted to play it before, but found it to be too large of a download, the wait is over.

And, as an added bonus, this version *is* compatible with Throne of Bhaal installed. You still have to start a new game of Shadows of Amn in order to play the mod, but you now have the option of playing through ToB while this mod is installed.

Also, any ToB mods should be compatible with Epic Endeavours/WeiDU v1.0.0. (Note that if you install a mod, such as Ascension Classic or any other type of mod that simply overwrites the dialog.tlk file, those mods will have to be installed first.)

All praise for content goes to the original creator of EE, Elhoe.

And, if you're wondering what the mod is all about, here's a snippet from the readme:

"This is a partial conversion for Baldurs Gate 2 in that you will play through a whole adventure without any links to the original game. The mod takes place in a generic fantasy world and is not set in any particular world or setting. Although some areas may appear familiar to the ones in BG2 - SOA, all areas you come across in this mod have been altered (the main reason why you will NO longer be able to start a normal BG2 - SOA game). Many of the creatures have also been altered. Gameplay-wise it will appear to be similar but it should be noted that some areas have a light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek flavour (if you are a movie or video game buff you may notice the references). This is not designed to be a hard-core role-playing experience so please understand this now before starting a new game. It was designed to provide gamers something different to the challenges found in Shadows of Amn.

Battles in this mod are generally tougher than in BG2 - SOA so ideally it will help if you have played through SOA first. Otherwise you will be thrown in the deep end as the learning curve is steep. This game is also more tactical and strategic than BG2-SOA and playing with a full party of six characters will help enormously. If you are expecting character development and in-party banter you will be disappointed as this is not the intention of this mod and there are no plans for myself to develop this in future."

Expanded Thief Stronghold This mod also includes better random encounters and player scripts. (better description wanted!)
Flirt Packs Enjoy new romantic interludes with Anomen, Aerie, Jaheira, and Viconia. The Flirt Packs add:
  • Dozens of affectionate exchanges with the four Bioware romance NPCs
  • The ability to summon your lover in-romance from the TOB Fate Spirit
  • Optional additional romance conflicts
  • New epilogues for Jaheira and Anomen
  • Generally more loving all around
Goo NPC Gozaloth (Goo to his friends) is a disembodied floating eyeball with breath that can stun a yak. He can be found in the Planar Sphere. Goo was the first released NPC project with custom audio and banter, and has recently been ported to WeiDU.
Hell Trials A new way to deal with each of the abyssal tests in chapter 7!
  • Get finally punished for "straying from your alignment", like the manual promised years ago!
  • Over 2 minutes of brand new gameplay! Oh well...
  • Originally intended as a small contribution to a larger project that is now never to be completed, this mod deals with the five tests that occur in the Abyss (or Baator, depending on whom you ask) during chapter 7. From a roleplaying standpoint, this final stage of the game seemed somewhat unsatisfying, especially for neutral characters. And the fact that a neutral protagonist had to complete all five tests in the "good" manner in order to remain neutral doesn't appear too logical, either. Therefore, this mod attempts to resolve these issues by changing the following things:
  • For each of the tests there's now a "neutral" path to take, resulting in a different reward as well. Sometimes the neutral path is closer to the original evil way, sometimes to the good one, and sometimes it is completely different to either of them.
  • After the last test the protagonist's alignment is judged, which can result both in a positive or negative adjustment. It's generally easier to drop down to evil than to become good, though.
  • The conditions for a paladin's or ranger's loss of his class have been slightly refined, causing a higher tolerance of neutral and evil acts for the ranger. In addition, specialist clerics will now lose their kit if they stray from the alignment dictated by the respective god.
Icewind Dale 2 Ease-of-Use (hosted locally - click on name for description)
Improved Oasis II Unlike the original, accidental Improved Oasis in the Tactics mod, Improved Oasis significantly expands the substance of the encounter with the army at the Oasis in Throne of Bhaal.
You can now reason with your pursuers, perhaps even avoiding a fight. But if combat proves unavoidable (or simply to your liking), they will not go down so easily this time...
Imoen Relationship A project allowing players to develop a deeper relationship with their sister.
Imoen Romance
  • This mod is for people that really enjoy party interaction. It really would seem that Imoen has always something to say before the day finishes... If what you like is killing monsters, exploring dungeons, and following the quests in the game, I don't think you'll like this mod... but if you are one of those that enjoy exploring every dialogue option, the party interaction in the game and how it developes, etc etc, here is for you Imoen's Romance.
  • Imoen and the main character are brothers/sisters. I know that, and know that 'moral conflict' can arise due to this... If it outrages you that 'incest' is involved in this mod, you just shouldn't download it... but think of this: If these so called siblings can hate and kill each other, why not love each other?
  • Imoen will romance any PC, regardless of gender or race, so any player will be able to enjoy it without being tied to race requirements. I think this is the only thing I made without thinking at all in Imoen's personality. I simply don't want the player to be forced to choose a character (s)he doesn't want just because (s)he wants to romance Imoen... However, the romance fits only with 'humanoid' characters (Human, elf, half-elf) in matter of stature... what I mean is that I didn't write any "Imoen kneels and embraces you"... at least not yet, despite I doubt it will be done by me however. Maybe when it's absolutely bug-free.
  • The mod is in English. I am Spanish. That means that, despite my English level is QUITE good (eheheh...), and that the BETA testers (Especially Loké) checked almost every sentence in the Mod, it might have grammar mistakes that I thought were right, or expressions that don't fit much in the mood... So, if you find something, please report it in the forums.
  • Also, I am open to ANY suggestion in making the dialogues better, the cutscenes better, ANYTHING better; from little changes in some words so it will sound better or fit more to Imoen's way of talking, to a whole new topic to rant about, to ANYTHING you can think of. MY best ideas are all in the mod already; now it can have yours, as long as it's something factible! THIS does NOT include suggestions for ToB... let ME do it first with what I want it to have and release it; THEN put your own indeas...
  • It is HIGHLY recommendable that you start a new game to fully experience the romance. You don't need to do this to experiment at least half of the interactions, but if you want her to love you, you'll have to start from the beginning.
  • Imoen might stick with you no matter how evil you are, but that doesn't mean that she'd love some 'evil bastard from hell' (Only Viconia would do so, yaknow...) If you want to romance her, play nice and treat her well. However, evil characters MAY romance her in the first place, but they must be careful to lie and be kind to her in some dialogue options.
  • Actually, romancing her might get quite difficult (having success at it I mean); having your half-sister love you isn't easy task... but having a healthy relationship with your sister isn't difficult at all; what I'm saying is that even if you don't romance her, there are quite a lot of interactions that do not involve 'love'. With this I just want to advice that if you actually romance any other NPC, she won't try to grow any conflict between you and her and the romanced one; she just won't romance you, and act as a sister instead.
  • There IS bad language in this mod. It's very little, the classic 'forbidden' words (fuck, shit, crap, asshole and the like) but it might offend some people (don't ask me who, for I don't know really...) I found it *almost* inevitable. Maybe Jaheira, Tashia (that wonderful character from FW), Aerie or even Viconia won't swear when you upset them (at least not in common tongue...) but I am sure that Imoen WOULD. So don't pick much at her... you all are warned!
  • The things the main character and Imoen do together (I mean, the DESCRIBED ONES) when loving each other could be rated as 'softcore' (by the most strict of reviewers) ...
  • Also, there are many options that would be judged 'morally wrong'. I know this better than anyone (Hell, I wrote it! Doh...) And, talking seriously, I can assure that there are things the character can choose to do to Imoen that I didn't enjoy describing. But it is the price for more free of action. There are times in the game that there aren't enough dialogue options to fit what I really want to do; I really tried to fix this (At least a little) you, my fellow player, will sometimes find many options... some of them, speaking plainly, cruel or violent.
  • Personally, I like humourous dialogues now and then, and Imoen is just the perfect NPC (Apart from Jan that is) for that... there's not only romance or 'serious' talk here, but some more interactions that contain a good dose of humour (well *I* find it funny, don't know if you will...). This warning is for those that don't like those 'humorous interludes', like the Spectator beholder or the guy in the Copper Coronet that flatters the girls in the party, and think it ruins the roleplay.
  • If you're afraid you won't experience all the romance through SoA because you play too fast and Lovetalk timers haven't had time to expire, the only thing you can do is leaving the game in pause mode for an hour or so, so the romance will begin... however, there are Lovetalks that will only begin if YOU talk to her, or some special triggers meet... so please have patience playing the game so Imoen will have her time...
  • Nothing in this mod is 'official'. What I mean is that I made up some major history of the characters, changed many events in their past lives, even the way Bhaal conceived his children; nothing mentioned can be considered as 'true' or 'official', I made it all up. Hey, it's a Mod after all...
  • Please have always in mind that the music is composed entirely by myself, thus the lack of... 'proffessionality'. For me, it's pretty good. I love to hear it, and think it fits the dialogues. But, since no one has the same musical tastes, if you find it unbearable turn down your speakers, or download the music-less version. Also, if you hear this horrible 'buzz' typical of bad recordings, try turning down the treble of your speakers... it sounds fine for me when they are at 40%.
  • I have not made any... 'compatibility' dialogue for Kelsey romancing Imoen... for now, I guess he'll romance her and make some (uh...) threesome... or something... but, it doesn't mean that I don't pretend to work on it. However and in fact, I really expect this will be done altogether his creators; when I have the time and if they are willing to do it...
  • And a little hint... strength can move mountains, but only WISDOM can witness how to move them, why, and when.
Iron Modder The Iron Modder concept is a test of creativity and skill. Authors are given four hours to create a new mod around a secret theme announced at the beginning of the contest. Three Iron Modder contests have been held, on these themes:
  • The Last Mug Of Ale In Amn
  • Some Of My Best Friends Are Slimes
  • A Kiss Before Dying
Item Upgrade (hosted locally - click on name for description)
Kelsey NPC Kelsey is a male human sorcerer NPC, available for SOA and TOB. He adds the following elements to your BG2 experience:
  • Dozens of banters with existing Bioware NPCs (at least one for every character)
  • Dozens of interactions with quest-related characters
  • Romance for a female human, elf, half-elf, or halfling PC in SOA and TOB
  • Romance with Imoen in TOB
  • New enemies and new items, both useful and bizarre
  • Original voicing (over 400 clips, including Kelsey and his adversaries)
Keto NPC Back in development, the Keto NPC project will add an irreverent bard to the party, complete with copious banter.
The Magnificent Magic Shop New items through a merchant at Waukeen's Promenade.
Nocturnal Supremacy Mod This mod is designed to explore the Holy Warrior or Paladin aspects of Faerun. What happens to a Paladin when he falls, what does he do? The original Baldur's Gate Saga doesn't explore this to a satisfactory depth. It is my aim to counter this. Also for the sake of balancing issues, I'll be hoping to add an evil Paladin kit and maybe an evil Paladin character to counter the amount of good guys in the original game.
One-Day NPCs The One-Day NPC concept challenges modders to design and implement a complete party-joinable character from sunup to sundown. Consider them part creative exercise, part game content, part personal challenge.
  • Ghareth: a fighter/mage, a man of principle who leaves the Cowled Wizards in disgust. By Jason Compton
  • Hessa: A devious thief, cruel with blade and word. By Bons
  • Alassa: A dark-hearted rogue, looking out for number one. By SimDing0
  • Anishai, by Barren
  • Ninafer, by Melkor
  • Cassius, by Gabrielle
  • Allison, by Rastor
Oversight Mod A lot of the alignment codings in Baldur's Gate II are, to put it nicely, insane. Good brigands and murderers. Neutral paladins. Evil actors, major-domos, Priests of Lathander, and other characters who are entirely helpful and friendly. The Alignment Correction component of this mod was written to correct these errors.

Additionally, in Throne of Bhaal, David Gaider created excellent Tougher versions of four members of the Five, which are most conveniently available as part of Ascension-WeiDU, located at Westley Weimer's site ...but no Tougher version of Sendai, Throne of Bhaal's ultimate spellcaster. Already markedly weaker than her brother Abazigal, whom players could encounter before facing her, Sendai became the weakest of the Five when all existing Tougher versions were installed. The Tougher Sendai component strives to rectify this, making Sendai approximately as deadly as Tougher Abazigal.

Quest Pack Quest Pack contains a number of components designed to add additional high-quality adventures throughout Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. It should work correctly with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion. WeiDU is used to handle installation and uninstallation.
Some components may expand on existing quests, while others may be completely new. All are independent, can be installed separately and do not rely on one another technically or in terms of story.
The mod currently consists of FIVE components, as below. Additional quests and encounters will be added in subsequent releases.
  • Additional Shadow Thieves Content
  • Alternative Xzar/Harpers Plot
  • Extended Reynald Sequence
  • Money Lending and Debt Problems
  • Miscellaneous Encounters
Redemption The Redemption mod changes the ending of the SoA - ToB once more, since it gives you the possibility to redeem your archnemesis - Jon Irenicus a fallen elven mage who once was one of the most talented and respected individuals among his people. The Redemption mod is an addition to Ascension mod by Dave Gaider and Co. I did not meddle much with their excellent storyline, but added material that includes possible recruitment to PC's case and redemption of Jon Irenicus - the evil genius of the SoA. This gives your character an opportunity to revisit SoA plot, that on my opinion (and many others) was left incomplete. See the Spoilers section for more details. The whole storyline of this mod is summarized in its name, since it is all about Redemption of Jon Irenicus, the elven mage who wanted to become a God and doomed himself to eternity by committing a string of unforgivable crimes against both elven society and later many innocent people (your main character included). Still, there were many discussions on the net about Jon, and the possibility of his redemption. I never liked him much, but one day Dave Gaider suggested a topic in the Attic (if you are not familiar with the Attic - it is a messageboard for BG fans who write fanfiction that can be found at http://www.gamejag.com/Attic) that captured my imagination. The topic was as you can imagine - Irenicus and the history of his downfall. Sufficient to say that I wrote a lot of fiction about Jon before I came up with the idea for the mod. The text of Redemption was published in the Attic and amazingly - received many warm responses. I ended with ditching all my other responsibilities for three months and coding it into playable mod.
Return to Windspear Return to Windspear is an ambitious new quest that you will be offered in ToB soon after leaving Saradush. A messenger from the Order of the Most Radiant Heart will deliver a message to you from Garren Windspear to meet with him at Watcher's Keep. You can then go to WK at any time before heading to the final encounter of ToB. There are two different messages that you could possibly get... these depend on whether you were a friend to Garren or an enemy. It assumes you killed Firkraag, which left a power vacuum in the area... and a new force has moved in to the dungeon.

Here's a brief list of features:

  • Epic PnP story adapted to ToB
  • Roleplaying opportunity
  • PST style dialog
  • ToB must be installed
  • 15+ new areas
  • 3 new tilesets
  • Dozens of new monsters
  • Improved AI
  • New joinable NPC
  • New voiceovers
  • New battle music
  • Over 80,000 words of new dialog... and rising
  • Party interactions
  • King Strohm III quest and subquests
  • A few new items
  • Three seperate endings depending on your choices
Rogue Re-Balancing This mod will re-balance the BG2 Rogues (Bards and Thieves) in an attempt to bring them closer to their PnP incarnations. It will add several new abilities to some of the Thief and Bard kits and alter their ToB HLA tables. It will also rectify the dual wield problem, add some new roguish equipment, and optionally, it can introduce a few challenging encounters with rogue-type opponents. Note: the mod consists of several components which can be installed independently of one another:
  • Dual Wield Fix and Rogue Shop
  • Thief Kit and HLA revisions
  • Bard Kit and HLA revisions
  • Chosen of Cyric Encounter
  • Shadow Thief Improvements
Detailed descriptions of each of the components can be found in the appropriate text files which come with the mod, but they are also available for viewing online on my website.
Silver Star Silver Star is a neutral evil elf assassin. She is one Irenicus pets, just escaped form prison. You are advised that she is childish, insane and she likes create problems. Features:
  • Silver Star is a Neutral Evil Assassin compatible with both SOA or SOA+TOB
  • You will find her in the Irenicus dungeon, city gates or Pocket plane.
  • She is partially insane (we don't want say mad).
  • She has a childhood complex. For example she has a true obsession for sweet little lambs... And She songs giggles. You know the classic: Mary has a little lamb...
  • She is chronically poisoned; this explains her high tolerance to poison and low constitution.
  • She is a remorseless killer, when in a normal mood. She does some evil things, like gambling, blackmailing, killing, stealing and so on...
  • She will has one specific quests in SoA
  • She has some interaction with NPCs
  • During the game it is possible to modify Silver's alignment, and even class!
Solaufein (hosted locally - click on name for description)
Spell-50 (hosted locally - click on name for description)
Tactics (hosted locally - click on name for description)
Tashia Tashia is a female elven Sorceress. She is an NPC who can join your party once the mod is installed. Her romance goes through both Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal, complete with NPC banter, non-party NPC interaction, and 3 different epilogues, all depending on which path you decide to take.
Undead Targos (hosted locally - click on name for description)
Unfinished Business Unfinished Business restores several quests planned but abandoned by Bioware during the development of Baldur's Gate 2. New content includes:
  • The Kidnapping Of Boo
  • The Suna Seni/Valygar Relationship
  • New Jan Jansen inventions.
  • Kalah and What He Was Promised
  • Gorje Hilldark and the Extended Illithium Quest
  • The Pai'Na/Spider's Bane Quest
  • Restored Crooked Crane
  • Restored City Encounters
  • Artemis Entreri in Bodhi's Lair
  • Item Restorations
  • ...and more...
Valen (hosted locally - click on name for description)
Valygar Romance A romance with everyone's favorite strong silent type, Valygar. The mod will include additional banter with NPCs, and comments appropriate to the PC's class. The romance will be available to all races, will include both SOA and TOB, and will have modified and new epilogues.
Vanim Adds:
  • A neutral evil assasin named Vanim as a joinable NPC.
  • A small quest.
  • Some banter.
  • No romance (yet).
  • Compatible with ToB.
Viekang Adds:
  • 1 new NPC ( based on the character found in Trademeet )
  • 3 new items, usable by Viekang only, or in some cases other party members.
  • Lots of new banters
  • 'Fun for all the family'
Virtue Virtue expands and augments BG2's Reputation concept to include Virtue, a reflection of the morals, not just the public perception, of the actions the party takes.
Additionally, Virtue will affect your alignment, so if your Virtue goes down, it drags your alignment down with it. ALL party members also respond to Virtue instead of reputation, growing unhappy and leaving appropriately, so you can have a party that feels your actions are good, even if everyone around you hates you.
Paladins will now fall after committing a SINGLE non-virtuous act, and rangers will now fall after their Virtue drops too low.
You can get away with killing commoners without incurring a Reputation hit, so long as nobody sees you. Your Virtue always drops, however. Some of the things for which you would previously have incurred no penalty will now affect your Virtue. This includes abandoning or killing NPCs and the trials you face in Hell.

Know a WeiDU mod that I haven't mentioned here? Want to update a description? Send me some email:

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