Icewind Gate II: Hall of Shame
Icewind Gate II is a project to automatically convert the content from BG2 to the IWD2 engine (and third-edition D&D rules). This should combine the best of both worlds: IWD2's intelligent rule system and BG2's plot.

For more information about the project iself, see this page..

This page is a gallery of bloopers and mishaps that were encountered during the beta-testing process. All of these will have been fixed by the time IWG2 is released.
A little mishap with the spawn point code leads to quite a pest problem.
Even Chateau Irenicus had a few infestations. Time to break out the Fireballs.
In the words of the beta-tester, those pirates are pretty sneaky! You can't even see most of them.
Well, I'm frightened.
It's the Fog Of War on Acid. This isn't actually an IWG2 bug but it looks scary.
Watch out, Hedron! The animation importing code's on the fritz again!
This is, of course, but a small fraction of the bugs we encountered. :-)

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