Icewind Gate II: Shade Lord Gallery
Icewind Gate II is a project to automatically convert the content from BG2 to the IWD2 engine (and third-edition D&D rules). This should combine the best of both worlds: IWD2's intelligent rule system and BG2's plot.

For more information about the project iself, see this page.

This page is a gallery (made with Icewind Gate II: Beta 11) of an assault on the Temple Ruins near the Umar Hills.
Anomen and I decided to warm up a bit by going after those pirates in the secret room in the inn in the Docks.
After hiking to the Temple Ruins we decided to pay a visit to Anath after she accosted us outside her cave. Hey, this cave looks familiar.
Those Shade Wolves seem bigger than I the ones I remember ...
Things look grim after Anath's valiant sacrifice.
Saved from the undead by the old polished-glass-and-gem trick.
We're getting pounded by those skeleton warriors. Thank goodness for the Flail of Ages.
Anomen (who traded in his Mace for a +1 Great Sword: "Point the sword and I shall strike!") is able to Turn the Shadow Jailer.
We rescued a valiant servant of justice and righteousness. Conveniently, she had some clues about the dungeon.
The child's ghost gave us this handy wardstone.
But in the Latin alphabet, Jehovah begins with an I!
It's a good thing we have the wardstone. She looks tough.
Mazzy's immunity to fear is coming in handy, but we won't win that fight. Time to reload.
That Shade Lord fellow talks a big game.
Ah, I feel the inner peace that comes with resolving a character issue.

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