Icewind Gate II: Critical Path Testing Gallery #1
Icewind Gate II is a project to automatically convert the content from BG2 to the IWD2 engine (and third-edition D&D rules). This should combine the best of both worlds: IWD2's intelligent rule system and BG2's plot.

For more information about the project iself, see this page.

This page is a gallery (made with Icewind Gate II: Beta 21) of a run through the critical path (= main plot) of the game. To make it more "honest" I included some shots of bugs.
The purpose of this test run was to make sure that the main ploit of the game works. As a result, I put no effort into looking for play balance. Everyone in the party has special "I am invulnerable" and "I kill you in one hit" items.
He's feared by me, anyway. And that mullet has been the subject of some admiration.
Previous versions had some problems with the Escaped Clone and the Assassin not actually fighting. Notice the Assassin's sneak attack ability.
Ulvaryl practices her leg-lifts.
I've got the "short chapter 1 and 2 cut-scenes" mod installed.
Moose and squirrel, eh? Perhaps Boris beat us to it.
I like this guy and I'm guessing many of you didn't even know he was there :-).
Hmm. The backdrop is wrong and the chapter is one too high. Something for the TODO list ...
Ah, the ever-popular Copper Coronet quest.
Hamsters and rangers everywhere: rejoice!
Nalia's aunt is actually more annoying than the golems: they can be killed easily, she must be endured.
"Everything is as it should be"? Who do you think you're fooling, Mr. I'm-losing-to-Bodhi?
I know: since we're all out here alone in the middle of nowhere and we just heard a noise, why don't we split up to investigate it? Hey, it always works on Scooby Doo!
I don't remember Lassal having an area-of-effect disintegrate (notice that he took out that peasant), but hey.
You go, Haz. Maybe if I'm really lucky I can prevent you from impaling yourself on a Grimwarder.
Our first meeting with Bodhi. She's a little more sinuous in this avatar, but it still works for me.
I can't believe this guy won the "create-an-NPC" contest.
It's called the "Jack Vance", I believe.
I'm amazed that we managed to make the journey without a captain or a crew. "Five passengers set sail today for a three chapter tour ..." Anyway, due to a converter bug Saemon didn't make it this time and I had to stop and fix things up.
I wish Perth really would test the limits of the critical path. It would save me quite a bit of effort.
He's the only one on Faerun who has heard of Yoshimo ...
You warrant no villain's exposition from me ... not counting the one I'm currently giving you, of course.
Phew! Immy is back with us! For those of you keeping count, I lost Nalia after we saved her keep. I told her we didn't want the responsibility and she ditched me.
Things do not bode well for Bodhi ...
Ah, it's the big fight between a demented magical force that has had his sanity removed as a result of a confrontation with a stronger magical power ... and Wanev.
Those Githyanki aren't looking as gray as I remember ...
Linguam latinam loquesne?
This sort of thing is why Jaheira always gets a low CHR in my books. :-)
He does what he must, when he must. Know this well.
Ever notice that the Drow are actually generally nicer and less rude than the surface elves?
Everybody loves Elhan ...
I guess that life wasn't hers after all.
Ladies and gentlemen, Elhan has left the building.
Why doesn't this guy have more dialogue?
I don't ever remember this fight before, but it sure is fun. Too bad the Rakshasa are more than a match for the Elven War Mages.
What can you tell me about the Ritual?

It must be stopped! The Instrumentality Ritual cannot be allowed to continue. Those misguided fools think that they are serving the greater Good by carrying out the Ritual. I see now how naive that is! If we are unable to stop them, they will be surprised and dismayed to find out what horrors their precious Ritual has wrought.

This is one of my favorite "pictures" in BG2. I just think it's quite pretty.
Ah, the Tree of Life "Gut Check". Everybody ready to die? Good.
Personally, I think this is sequence is David Warner's best voice acting for Irenicus (and he's consistently good).
Too bad he killed himself with his own Horrid Wilting before we could even get started. One more for the bug list ...
If it had been anyone but Aerie, I would have re-considered.
Just for fun I took off the special testing items and put on the loot I had accumulated during the game. My party of four 12th level characters had no real trouble taking down Irenicus.
We'll all just sit around here until Wes converts the expansion. Anyone want some iced tea?
My boring fighter's inventory at the end of SoA.

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