Icewind Gate II: Beta: Installation Instructions

Icewind Gate II: Beta: Testing Instructions

Icewind Gate II: Beta: Joinable Characters

Icewind Gate II: Beta: World Map

Icewind Gate II: Beta: Testing

Icewind Gate II: Beta: Naming Convention

Icewind Gate II: Beta: Bug Reporting

This section is no longer critical. I don't have time to update IWG2 at this point. Until and unless someone else takes over the project you shouldn't waste time reporting bugs. That said, here are the old instructions:

Icewind Gate II: Tactical Difficulty

At this point in the beta-testing process I am accepting suggestions for the difficulty level of the fights in IWG2.

If you think that a fight is too hard or too easy, post a message to the forum including:

Icewind Gate II: Beta: Conversion Rules

This section it optional. If you just want to test and play with IWG2 you don't need to understand how it is being converted.

Icewind Gate II: Beta: Conversion Errors

When you run iwg2 it will put a bunch of files in the iwg2/errors directory. These tell you about corners I am cutting during the conversion or other problems. Here are some examples of these files and the messages they may contain: If you think you can fix one of these errors (e.g., by a special substitution or by telling me what to do) feel free to post a message about it.

Icewind Gate II: Beta: Thanks!

With all of that said, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for offering to help me out. If you've read this far and you've decided that this looks too complicated or that you don't have time to help me out with the beta-testing, that's quite alright.